Concept Review for Communication Definitions of Chapter 1-2

Hey there Team of Awesome people! I apologize that it took me a while to put this up but it is up none the less so here are the five concepts we need to review:

  • Academic Impact of Gutenberg’s Press
  • Social Impact of Gutenberg’s Press
  • Economic Impact of Gutenberg’s Press
  • Cultural Impact of Gutenberg’s Press
  • Political Impact of Gutenberg’s Press

Here are the links to the blogs: (remember as of the moment that you have to copy and paste the URL address in order to get to their blog page.)

Tell me what you think of them all and enjoy! I also apologize once again.

Concept Review

Hey so I think these are the concepts we’re supposed to look at…someone correct me if I’m can just comment under here when you review them all

Gutenberg’s Press Impact POLITICAL-

Gutenberg’s Press Impact SOCIAL-

Gutenberg’s Press Impact ECONOMICAL-

Gutenberg’s Press Impact CULTURAL-

Gutenberg’s Press Impact ACADEMIC-