Discussion Question Week 11 (Eleven):

How is political speech expressed in social media? Provide some examples that you have seen, or been involved in.

Political speech is expressed in social media just like sports and celebrities run a muk of the tabloids today. Presidential candidates both incorporate their campaign messages in sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and just about an social media medium. It is basically how they see they can reach the younger generation the best. I can relate to politics doing this because it is all over Facebook  friends want me to read about this candidates story, others want me to follow their candidate on twitter, and I personally hold my own values such as keeping politics out of my social life. It is so much more simple that way, and if someone asks what I think I simply reply “do you really want to know?” then if a response such as “yes” appears I will share what they wish to know and in turn give them the knowledge they seek.