Discussion Week 15:

Over the past semester, what did you find most interesting, and what was least interesting, about the course?

Over the past semester in my time of CJ105 I have found just about everything either interesting, useful OR both. I will use the material that I have learned over the course of the semester to look back on and use as a reference for future CJ classes. I will say this, this was my first hybrid class and I found the whole concept the most interesting. The whole WordPress/ blogging idea was a new one that caused me to learn how to work a blog site. It was also a new and fun experience working with my team! I am honored to have worked with Jimmy, Austin, Marina, and Shelby. I would have not understood half as much as I do today without their help. I would also like to say thank you to the professor and her T.A. for dealing with my shenanigans throughout the year in order to make the class more interesting. I also found the debates and artifact stations presented in class rather interesting, along with the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed my debate and debate team! Pro all the way! There are so many things that I have learned this semester from this class alone that I will use through out  my everyday life. I am extremely grateful for that and all the people I have been introduced to while in it. Thank you!

Thank you for everything!

John (Jack) Junker

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