Discussion Week 15

Over the past semester, what did you find most interesting, and what was least interesting, about the course?

By: Shelby Schroeder

Over this past semester I’ve learned a lot about communications.  Overall, the most interesting things to me were all the projects we did.  I really liked how at first it was really hard to use a blog, and now it’s pretty much like second nature to me. I really like the media log assignment when we compared our logs with our team members.  I’ll never forget how shocked Marina and I were to find out the guys were spending more time on the internet on multiple sites.  I also really liked learning about how media has transformed and converged.  It’s no longer just TV or radio, but continues to transform every day through phones and computers.  Something I didn’t really find interesting or disliked was a lot of the concepts in the further chapters.  As the concepts got more difficult to explain, I feel like a lot of the students made less than accurate definitions, so I lost interest and felt like I didn’t learn as much.  Overall, as this was my first hybrid course I feel like it was really interesting to me, I really liked the format!

One thought on “Discussion Week 15

  1. Shelby,

    The media logs were cool tools to finding out how much media we truly use. It is kind of funny that the guys use more Internet than the ladies. It is also interesting that media is transforming. I thought you made a good point! I remember trying to blog for the first time and I kept asking Jack for help. I felt like I was trouble for him. Haha. My most interesting was on media rights and responsibilities and public relations. It is neat to see what other have enjoyed. I believe Jimmy agrees with the media log being his most interesting too. Good Job. God bless!

    Austin M.

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