Discussion Question 15

Over the past semester, what did you find most interesting, and what was least interesting, about the course?

Austin M.

Over the past semester I would say the discussions about Unit 4: Media Rights and Responsibilities was probably the most interesting to me. I like looking into laws and regulations and doing so for the media was neat. My stepdad works in the radio business so he would tell me about different copyright laws and infringements. He once told me a copyright infringement that I would have never noticed, and I don’t know if many people really do notice. I think maybe that fact that this unit was more recent, and that I had a debate upon it, makes it more interesting to me. I enjoyed the debate and seeing both sides of the struggle. Regulation of the media can be a hard and tricky thing to do. It was also interesting to see how media has the protected speech to post some things that it wants. Court cases seem to uphold free speech pretty well, but then there are cases also restricting it. Over the past semester my least interesting topic was probably Unit 1: Communication Studies. Nothing against the teaching of the topic but I guess I was amazed at how many different scenarios and theories are out there for different communication. I guess trying to learn all of them was the least interesting to me. But I cannot say that to all of the theories because some of them were interesting and common knowledge. I guess they caught my attention. Overall I can say I learned some things from this class. I learned about different theories, mass media rights, public relations, how much I use media, how influential media can be in our lives and more, I bet. Thinking of the public relations topic, I seem to have enjoyed that one too. Must be something about these debate topics. I seem to like both of those sections. Maybe there is controversy and I like watching and evaluating the controversy or events.

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