Discussion Question 15

Over the past semester, what did you find most interesting, and what was least interesting, about the course?

By Jimmy Lavorato

To me, the most interesting part of this class was analyzing my own media usage and comparing that with my peers. It was interesting to see how much of my life is driven by the media and how the internet is such a vital part of not just my education, but also my entertainment. Then we started to discuss rights to speech and privacy, where it became evident of just how much information of others is easily available on the internet. It’s very fascinating to me how connected the world is and how by using the internet properly as a tool for information, you can make many connections about the current world. Another thing I enjoyed was looking outside of the US and learning about how they differ from us. The artifact project was a good way to explore different cultures, which is why I picked a topic that was outside of the US. I didn’t really find any content less interesting because I was able to come up with my own media story analysis, I found that when I was able to search and identify media stories of my own that applied to the topic, I got a better understanding of it then if I was just given an example.


2 thoughts on “Discussion Question 15

  1. Jimmy,
    You are a good guy! I am glad that you and I came to be apart of the Team that was Awesome! I am happy to hear about what you have learned throughout you time in CJ105 and I would like to say that it has been an honor and I hope to see you around.
    Best of luck my friend,
    John (Jack) Junker

  2. Jimmy, I loved your final post. It was very thoughtful as always! I really agree with you on the analysis of the media usage. I also found that to be very interesting. I had no idea how much media i actually used until I had to write a paper on it. Now I understand the large impact it has on my everyday life. Its been a fun semester! Great job. Marina

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