Discussion Question 14

What rights and responsibilities do you have to protect your privacy on the Internet?

Austin M.

When I am on the Internet I have specific rights and responsibilities to protect my information. The way I see it though is that I have the right to, or not to, give the information across the Internet. I do not have to put my birthday, social security number, etc. on to the Internet if I decide not too. These numbers or sensitive data may be required for certain access to services on the Internet but I am not being forced to release that information. I can hold back that information and not use those Internet services. That is where my responsibility comes into play. I can protect my privacy by being more conservative in my use. If I share something on the Internet, I am responsible for it. If somebody posts something of me on the Internet, I have responsibilities and consequences stemming from that. I remember a Criminal Justice professor was saying to no get caught with pictures of underage drinking or suspicious activity on the Internet. The reason being is that employers may look at social networks to find information about you. If you are applying for a government job, those pictures will hurt your chances. I should be responsible for those postings or information. So in terms of privacy, if I do not want everybody to see my profile or sensitive information, I could set my privacy measures to certain degrees to restrict access from unwanted users. I also could protect my privacy from not even posting those images, statuses, or information. When it comes to typing important information into the Internet, it is my right to choose to do so and my responsibility to trust the website to keep it secure. I should look at the security measures they take, or read the terms and agreement page they give me to read. I just usually check those boxes without reading. So my responsibility is to deal with any possible consequences of releasing that information. I think that by using the Internet, we are playing on a different playground. I think we are willing to follow rules of that specific playground when it comes to terms of privacy. If you do not want yourself to be seen on that playground, than maybe use a more conservative approach or do not release the information. Not trying to be mean but I just mean that you voluntarily put the information on the Internet and it may be intercepted. Which is unfortunate if it was not supposed to be intercepted. The Internet can be a tricky but helpful resource.


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