Discussion Question #14

What rights and responsibilities do you have to protect your privacy on the Internet?

By: Marina Eggen

My privacy on the Internet is my responsibility.  If I don’t want the whole Internet population to see something I said, or a picture I shouldn’t put that on the Internet.  There are other ways that privacy can be extended past self-regulated privacy.  There are settings on social networking sites that limit who can see your profile.  There are passwords on emails, and many other websites to keep privacy.  There are ways to delete, and block people you don’t want to see your profile.  Overall I think that it is the individuals job to protect its privacy by not uploading anything that they don’t want to be seen by everyone.  It is my right to post anything about/of myself on the Internet but I have to be prepared and reminded that many people will be able to see it.  For personal privacy self-regulation is needed to obtain full privacy.  There are always ways for people to get around the privacy settings on Facebook, for example, but there is no way to get around a picture that isn’t on the Internet at all.  My privacy on the Internet is my responsibility.


2 thoughts on “Discussion Question #14

  1. Marina,

    I really liked you post this week! I agree with you 100% in the fact that in the end, it’s really up to the individual to regulate their own content. The second you go on Facebook, a lot of people are going to see what you do, and you just need to be prepared for that. It is often pretty easy to get around the settings on Facebook, but I think we all now and accept that so it’s really up to us.

    Great work,


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