Discussion Week 14

What rights and responsibilities do you have to protect your privacy on the Internet?
To be honest the only rights and responsibilities that you have to protect your own privacy on the internet are a person’s own personal ones. My reasons for saying this is because once something is on the internet it is there forever. That is right, FOR-EV-ER, now imagine Squints from “The Sandlot” saying that. If you put up a embarrassing picture of yourself on the internet, (BOOM!) forever on the web. Even if you personally cannot find it does not mean someone out of the billion people that use the web has not already saw and downloaded your picture to their hard drive. Now I know that is an extreme view on the subject but anything that is put in a message, blog, video, and shared with people may always come back to the source to either remind them of their past accomplishments or haunt them for the rest of their future. I believe it is the persons choice to put what they put up and accept all the consequences  that might come with it. that is just how life roles the dice.

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