Discussion Week 14

What rights and responsibilities do you have to protect your privacy on the Internet?

By Jimmy Lavorato

I think that the main discussion about internet privacy will always include facebook. Most of us who are well connected to the technological world know how to use most features of social networking sites, including the privacy settings. For those who are not as educated in that field, don’t know just how much information they are revealing about themselves- able to be viewed by virtually anyone. When you post a picture of yourself on a site like facebook, that image stays on the internet forever. If you have ever googled yourself on google images(I get bored sometimes) then you see that your facebook profile picture comes up. It’s a scary idea that your life can basically be viewed by complete strangers. A certain amount of common sense is required to protect yourself, it’s never a good idea to post information that you wouldn’t verbally say to a stranger. Being responsible on the internet is not just limited to protecting yourself, you also can harm others by not respecting their privacy. Gossip, rumors and lying are all dangerous ways of harming someone online. If some person were to write a rumor on facebook, it could spread like wildfire and might have the potential to ruin someones life. When on the internet, people should represent themselves with dignity and integrity.


One thought on “Discussion Week 14

  1. Dear Jimmy, I liked how you centered your response around Facebook. I also feel like that is main topic when talking about Internet privacy. I mentioned the privacy button in my response but I liked how you mentioned that anymore “connected to the technology World” knows about this. However, there are still a large number of people who do not know about this setting on Facebook. I also liked how you mentioned the idea of protecting and respecting other people’s privacy. That was a topic I did not touch on but it is a good one to mention. Respect others privacy like you want people respecting yours. Great Job as always! From, Marina

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