Discussion Question 15

Over the past semester, what did you find most interesting, and what was least interesting, about the course?

Austin M.

Over the past semester I would say the discussions about Unit 4: Media Rights and Responsibilities was probably the most interesting to me. I like looking into laws and regulations and doing so for the media was neat. My stepdad works in the radio business so he would tell me about different copyright laws and infringements. He once told me a copyright infringement that I would have never noticed, and I don’t know if many people really do notice. I think maybe that fact that this unit was more recent, and that I had a debate upon it, makes it more interesting to me. I enjoyed the debate and seeing both sides of the struggle. Regulation of the media can be a hard and tricky thing to do. It was also interesting to see how media has the protected speech to post some things that it wants. Court cases seem to uphold free speech pretty well, but then there are cases also restricting it. Over the past semester my least interesting topic was probably Unit 1: Communication Studies. Nothing against the teaching of the topic but I guess I was amazed at how many different scenarios and theories are out there for different communication. I guess trying to learn all of them was the least interesting to me. But I cannot say that to all of the theories because some of them were interesting and common knowledge. I guess they caught my attention. Overall I can say I learned some things from this class. I learned about different theories, mass media rights, public relations, how much I use media, how influential media can be in our lives and more, I bet. Thinking of the public relations topic, I seem to have enjoyed that one too. Must be something about these debate topics. I seem to like both of those sections. Maybe there is controversy and I like watching and evaluating the controversy or events.

Discussion Week 15

Over the past semester, what did you find most interesting, and what was least interesting, about the course?

By: Shelby Schroeder

Over this past semester I’ve learned a lot about communications.  Overall, the most interesting things to me were all the projects we did.  I really liked how at first it was really hard to use a blog, and now it’s pretty much like second nature to me. I really like the media log assignment when we compared our logs with our team members.  I’ll never forget how shocked Marina and I were to find out the guys were spending more time on the internet on multiple sites.  I also really liked learning about how media has transformed and converged.  It’s no longer just TV or radio, but continues to transform every day through phones and computers.  Something I didn’t really find interesting or disliked was a lot of the concepts in the further chapters.  As the concepts got more difficult to explain, I feel like a lot of the students made less than accurate definitions, so I lost interest and felt like I didn’t learn as much.  Overall, as this was my first hybrid course I feel like it was really interesting to me, I really liked the format!

Concept Week 11

Right to free speech: Difference between protections for political vs. commercial speech

For starters according to the Ohio State Bar Association “commercial speech” is a phrase that came from the U.S. Supreme  Court decision in 1942 when an owner of World War 1 vintage submarine brought a lawsuit against the City of New York when they said that he could not pass out flyers advertising tours of his Sub. They come up with the conciseness that commercial speech refers to speech that is either printed, broadcast or on the internet that advertises a product or service. Such things have caused the U.S Supreme Court to rule that “political speech” is speech that deals with issues of public interest or that of social concern. Thus political speech is entitled to full protection under the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution while commercial speech is given much less protection due to the fact that some material being shown on a commercial may be “false or misleading” .

Discussion Week 15:

Over the past semester, what did you find most interesting, and what was least interesting, about the course?

Over the past semester in my time of CJ105 I have found just about everything either interesting, useful OR both. I will use the material that I have learned over the course of the semester to look back on and use as a reference for future CJ classes. I will say this, this was my first hybrid class and I found the whole concept the most interesting. The whole WordPress/ blogging idea was a new one that caused me to learn how to work a blog site. It was also a new and fun experience working with my team! I am honored to have worked with Jimmy, Austin, Marina, and Shelby. I would have not understood half as much as I do today without their help. I would also like to say thank you to the professor and her T.A. for dealing with my shenanigans throughout the year in order to make the class more interesting. I also found the debates and artifact stations presented in class rather interesting, along with the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed my debate and debate team! Pro all the way! There are so many things that I have learned this semester from this class alone that I will use through out  my everyday life. I am extremely grateful for that and all the people I have been introduced to while in it. Thank you!

Thank you for everything!

John (Jack) Junker

Discussion Question Week 11 (Eleven):

How is political speech expressed in social media? Provide some examples that you have seen, or been involved in.

Political speech is expressed in social media just like sports and celebrities run a muk of the tabloids today. Presidential candidates both incorporate their campaign messages in sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and just about an social media medium. It is basically how they see they can reach the younger generation the best. I can relate to politics doing this because it is all over Facebook  friends want me to read about this candidates story, others want me to follow their candidate on twitter, and I personally hold my own values such as keeping politics out of my social life. It is so much more simple that way, and if someone asks what I think I simply reply “do you really want to know?” then if a response such as “yes” appears I will share what they wish to know and in turn give them the knowledge they seek.

Discussion Week 12

To what extent have your CJ105 concept definitions relied on copying definitions from Wikipedia and other Internet sources – is that plagiarism?

I do not believe that my concept definitions were relied on from random sites as well as Wikipedia but I did make the mistake on not citing where I received my information that I paraphrased. So technically I “did” plagiarize but unknowingly. The major factor that I know for a fact I plagiarized was the pictures that I used in my posts. I apologize for not doing so and I know now that I MUST always site where I get my pictures along with videos that I use. I was even told that people have been kicked out of classes or failed a project due to the fact that they did not cite where they found their pictures. It is better to shape up now, then not at all.

Discussion Question #15

Over the past semester, what did you find most interesting, and what was least interesting, about the course?

By: Marina Eggen

What I found most interesting was Unit 2.  I liked learning about careers and jobs in the mass communication sector.  Public relations was my favorite topic in unit 2.  I found the whole career very interesting and I loved the debate we had in class on it.  Is public relations a good thing or a bad thing?  Arguments on both sides really got me thinking about PR in general, and the specifics of the career.  What I found least interesting this semester was unit 4.  Politics and laws having never been interesting to me.  Most of the time I just get annoyed with that kind of stuff.  The current laws are important but all the court cases that led up to the law we have now seems unimportant to me.  The debate we had in class on the topic was so one sided that I lost interest very quickly in that too.  Over all I enjoyed the class but there were defiantly some units that were a bit more interesting to me then others.