Concept Week 13

Rights of property and ownership: copyright to protect media productions.

By Jimmy Lavorato

When I think of this, I think of pirating music and illegally downloading movies and other such media. When you think of the time and money that people spend producing their work, it seems both illegal and immoral to receive that work free of charge. They are entitled to their work and by copyright laws that work is protected from being stolen or copied. If your like me and you’ve ever searched google images, you know that thousands of images come up. It doesn’t seem too unlikely that many of those images are copyright and that google does not have the right to display those images. I found an article on CNN talking about how google had illegaly scanned images of books created by visual artists. “We are seeking justice and fair compensation for visual artists whose work appears in the 12 million books and other publications Google has illegally scanned to date,” Says Victor Perlman, a general counsel for the photographers’ organization. The outcome is yet to be determined in whether google is guilty of this lawsuit.

2 thoughts on “Concept Week 13

  1. Jimmy,

    We both talked about movie being pirated in our explanations. I think its a great way to explain what this concept is to our class. It’s actually pretty amazing how many people steal music. I think your example was really good too. I never thought about how Google could be considered going against copyright laws, it’d be hard to get permission to use all those pictures.

    Keep up the good work,


  2. Jimmy my brother!
    The way you incorporated the bit on movies being pirated is the perfect example on how to explain the concept in words that people can explain! People download illegal things daily and it is crazy how so many of them get away with it. It is also crazy how many people do it unknowingly. Keep on the great work brother!

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