Discussion Week 13

Based on your media log, and the kind of media you use on a regular basis, what are your responsibilities in using media?

Austin M.

During the media log research my television usage was the highest. Second in the race was my Internet use. When I use both of the media I have to be responsible. My ethics kind of rule my responsibilities that I put on that media use, and myself but there are also different responsibilities that are not instituted by me. For example, the Internet has restrictions placed upon it. I cannot use the Internet to steal someone’s identity or look up ways to commit a murder. My responsibilities though rest upon government set rules and my ethics. In television, my most used media, my responsibility is to be literate and understand that television shows or networks may have biases to their news. I may not be getting the full picture so I may have to look for another network for the other side. My other responsibility when watching television is not to watch television too long for health concerns. If I sit in front of a television for too long, without physical activity, I will see an effect upon my body. I also may become lazy and unprofitable to society. The same goes to the Internet, my second largest media usage. If I were to sit on the computer and Internet all day, I can grow carpel tunnel syndrome and become tired. I also have to be careful on the Internet when it comes to research. I cannot use someone’s work and claim it as mine. I have committed plagiarism. Media has a fair share of responsibilities but I believe that my responsibility is to be literate in that category, and apply my ethics and intelligence when using those mediums. If not I can see legal troubles, physical troubles, or lack of knowledge (biases) start to grow in my life. It is good to see things from both sides and to be able to manage the media to benefit and not hurt you.


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