Concept Week 12

Rights of property and ownership: copyright to protect media productions

By: Shelby Schroeder

Firstly, I think it’s important to define what copyright is.  Copyright is recognizing and permitting ownership of a type of expression.  It recognizes that someone who creates something, whether it be art or science with the possibility of earning money, their piece of work can be protected.   For all types of media including media productions, their rights are protected for their entire lives, plus 70 years.  If you want to use the creator’s work for your own profit, you must obtain permission from them, but a lot of time if you are using it for nonprofit reasons, you can use it.  (Such as quoting a few lines of a book). Overall media production is protected to allow creativity to flow, and for new content to be generated.


Example Defined:  My example was taken from the New York Times.  Although movies are protected under copyright law, many people still pirate movies.  The article discusses how there has been a decline of being able to purchase these on the streets, as pirated movies can now be found online.  This is a problem because the movie industry is losing a lot of money over this, even more now that HD cameras are cheaper so it’s easier to get good footage to put on the internet.  This really shows that although media is protected, people can still steal things quite easily.

2 thoughts on “Concept Week 12

  1. Shelby,

    I thought you did a great job on defining what copyright laws do for the creator. I also like how you mentioned how long they last and that they are for protection of commercial uses. I thought that was good. I forgot to mention that part as i mentioned the court cases and focused heavily on technology. I like how your concept is straight forward. Good Job. God bless!

    Austin M.

  2. Dear Shelby, I really liked how you started your concept definition. I also started mine similar to that. I liked how you made your definition generalized to almost all forms of media and just explained that media production was part of that. I just goes to show that media production are not my any means the only thing protected with copyrights. Great job overall on your definition. I felt it was pretty similar to mine and the others. Your example was very applicable too. Nice work as always. Marina

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