Concept: Copyright

Rights of property and ownership: copyright to protect media productions

By: Marina Eggen

Copyright is a legal concept.  It gives the creator of an original work exclusive right to that work.  It allows that creator to decide who finically benefits from the work, who can use the work, who can perform the work, and many other rights.  Copyright also helps the creator take credit for the work he/she has created.  Copyright to protect media productions is used to give exclusive rights to the media production agency that has produced the movie, TV show, etc.  This way the media production agency can decide who benefits, and who can perform the work because they created it.  No one can take credit for the work they made, or steal their work and use it in an undesirable way.  Copyright protects this business from other media productions that may be in competition with them.  It also protects the media production from anyone else looking to take the original work they have created.


This article from by Cara Garretson talks about the problem related to copyrighted work.  Mainly with songs and movie, the copyrighted work is getting stolen on different Internet cites that are hard to stop.  IT and entertainment industries are trying to work out a solution to the problem on their own without the government needing to stepping in.  Even though copyright helps many people, and media productions there are still problems with people stealing their original works.

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