Discussion Question 13

Based on your media log, and the kind of media you use on a regular basis, what are your responsibilities in using media?

By Jimmy Lavorato

My personal media responsibilities are mostly involved with not committing plagiarism. Being enrolled in a college it’s my responsibility to use my resources in a way that credits both the hard work of myself and others that willingly pledge that work to assist me and others. Besides plagiarism, another thing that should be avoided is cyber-bullying. There’s been many occurrences of cyber bullying on the news where someone has been targeted online and treated badly. This is a bad type of bullying because sometimes mental punishment can be more damaging than actual physical punishment. Since the majority of my media usage was based on music-sharing and streaming websites, music pirating is another thing that shouldn’t be done. It’s important to not take the easy route and download free music because the artists that created that music worked hard and earned the money.

2 thoughts on “Discussion Question 13

  1. Dear Jimmy, I thought your response to the discussion question this week was great. All of your points are great points that I agree with. I really liked how you brought up the idea of cyper-bullying in your answer. I would have never thought of that as a responsibility of mine because it has never happened to me personally. However, I do know that many people are victims to this form of bullying. It is our responsibility as users of the Internet to not bully someone though it. Great Job this week on your discussion question. From, Marina.

  2. Jimmy!
    I will agree with Marina on the matter that I too thought your response to the discussion question this week was a great one! Your points of interest kept me interested as I read through it and your part on cyber bullying was perfect. It is everyone’s responsibility to start and protect those being effected by cruel words on the internet and such. Awesome job!!!

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