Discussion Week 12

To what extent have your CJ105 concept definitions relied on copying definitions from Wikipedia and other Internet sources – is that plagiarism?

By Austin M.

When completing the concept definitions for our class I would look online and in the book for different ideas, and suggestions, but I always try to word it the best I can in my own words. I always feel bad when I have to use a few of the source’s words in a consecutive manner because if I re-worded the phrase the meaning would be lost in translation. Plagiarism is when you take someone’s words, pictures, ideas, etc. and do not give them credit for the information. If I were to take a quote that a college professor said and label them as if they were my words, than plagiarism has occurred. You can still use someone’s work word for word in your own work but the catch is that you have to specifically clarify that that is not of your own work but borrowed from someone else. I try not to plagiarize but after coming to college I found out that I plagiarize when posting pictures from others and not citing where I got them. When it comes to the concepts, I believe I tried my best not to plagiarize but to use my own words to express the same idea that I was learning from them. I always try to keep in mind not to plagiarize. It can really back fire too in terms of legal action and school action. I remember my teachers telling us that they know of websites where they can put words from our paper into a search and check to make sure we did not plagiarize. The skill of interpretation is really nice to have when you can decode someone’s message and encode it into a message all of your own to portray to a different audience. This way you can avoid plagiarism and define things in your own words to the audience.

One thought on “Discussion Week 12

  1. Austin,
    I remember hearing about teachers being able to find out easily if you have plagiarized something, I took it way more seriously after I heard that! Also, you are right when you said not citing the picture is plagiarism, sometimes people are unaware that more than just text can be plagiarized. Good work!

    -Jimmy Lavorato

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