Discussion Week 11

How is political speech expressed in social media? Provide some examples that you have seen, or been involved in.

By: Shelby Schroeder

I think social media is one of the biggest places where people express their political beliefs.  In some ways, it’s great that people can come together to discuss their opinions and ideas about politics, but in other ways, people take it way too far.   Before social media and the internet, most debates about politics would be in newspapers, or simply just by word of mouth.  Twitter offers a way for people to just make a simple statement, so there isn’t too much fighting going on.  Facebook is where the real “problems” are.  I saw this mostly after the presidential election was over, when Obama won, a lot of people made a lot of happy statuses referring to Obama.  Others however, made really angry statements degrading him and making it seem like our country was doomed.  Fights quickly broke out and these statuses had a large number of likes, but also dozens of comments.  This showed me how truly divided our country can be, and how sometimes the freedom of speech on the internet can get out of hand.  A lot of people who were making statuses and comments had no idea what they were talking about.  Overall I think that expressing yourself about politics in social media can be good, as long as you don’t attack others about what they believe in.


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