Discussion Question #11

How is political speech expressed in social media? Provide some examples that you have seen, or been involved in.

By: Marina Eggen

In the U.S. expression of political speech is open for anyone to say anything they please, whenever they choose to do that (as long as it is not seen as a threat to an individual or the country).  Social media is a great place for people to have that expression and relay it to a number of people.  In the days before the election there was an explosion of people posting on social media sites to say who to vote for or whom they are voting for.  There were many people who were helping campaign by trying to persuade people last minute with their posts.  There were also groups on Facebook that allowed the people to express their favorite candidate because they have the freedom to do so.  On Twitter hash tags (#) of the candidates names were very popular as people bashed one candidate and supported the other.  Social media is a great way to get an individual’s ideas and beliefs out to a large number or people.  The expression of political speech was so huge on the days leading up to the election, the day of the election, and one or two days after.  When the results came out my news feed on Facebook consisted of two types of posts, and that was either happiness for Obama, or hatred for Obama.  It was amazing to see almost all of my friends on Facebook partake in their own political speech expression, and they did that through social media.

2 thoughts on “Discussion Question #11

  1. Marina – Very interesting that the FB expressions were either like or hate for Obama -shows the wide divide that politics creates – and that social media reinforces. Thanks for the thoughtful post – Maureen

  2. Marina,

    I liked how you mentioned that people were trying to help the campaign by posting who to vote for on Facebook. It makes me wonder if someday, when kids are learning about history through a text book if they will discuss how social media had an impact on the campaign. I wonder if any research has been done about this.

    Shelby Schroeder

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