Discussion Week Ten (10)

Which of the five types of convergence media do you understand the least – and how does it affect you?

To be completely honest I am not one to say that I “understand” any of the five types more than another. So in turn it affects me quite a bit so I think I am just going to say what I believe/what I find about each of the convergence media.

  1. Corporate: The coming together of distinct and separate factors or phenomenon such as technologies. For example, convergence of computing and telecommunications in modern telephony.
  2. Operational: I see operational as a certain effectiveness. You see any kind of practice that allows a business or other organization to maximize the use of their inputs by developing products at a faster pace than competitors or reducing defects, for an example. Operational effectiveness is often divided into four components: Leading and controlling function performance, measuring and improving the process, leveraging and automating process and continuously improving performance.
  3. Device: A device can be seen as internal or external computer peripheral (such as a printer) or subsystem (such as a storage system) which requires a device driver for it to function.
  4. Multi-platform: Basically I see this as a device that can be used in multiple aspects, like a smart phone.
  5. Interactive: user-generated, mobile, social: Some type of device or game that presents choices (paths) depending on where in the program the user initiated the action. By fallowing different choices, the user can accordingly control or change the action of the device or out come of a game or program. In many ways the web is the most interactive ‘device’ in the world.

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