Concept Week Ten (10)

Media literacy from media consumers’ point of view:

Now it has been said that media literacy is a certain set of skills that anyone can learn. An easy way to break down the understanding of the idea of media literacy is that literacy is the ability to read and write, so if you look at media literacy which would refer to ones ability to analyze, access, evaluate, and create media messages of all kinds. Now through a consumers point of view one can look at it in this manner. Media literate youth and adults are better able to decipher the complex messages we receive from television  radio, newspapers, magazines, books, billboards, signs, packaging, marketing materials, video games, recorded music, the internet and other forms of media. It is essential to have these skills in today’s world. The reason being is that all the examples that I have listed above are a prime way as to how people of today’s generation gain information through the complex combinations of text, images and sounds provided in a situation.  On a final note it has also been noted that a media literacy education will help improve and develop critical thinking and active participation in the media culture today.

Now it is also a major idea on how the media literacy was being shown by the news stations. A prime example would be the idea on crime. Here is a little example on how people are told (headlines) of all the crime that is going on in the world vs the reality of what is being held on attention to. Just how I see things.

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