Concept Week Nine (9)

Convergence media technology influences vs. convergence media economic influences.

When the word “convergence” is heard my mind goes to a famous board game with a  funny looking man dressed in a suit and a top hat with a great big white mustache. Now why would I compare “convergence” with the board game Monopoly? Simple. I see convergence as a giant money-making company looking to gobble up others in order to make the most out of their product. It is almost as if they are trying to get “Boardwalk” and “Park Place” so that they can start building hotels (make more money, or in other words, killing two birds with one stone). It is through convergence media, companies are able to enhance their technical capabilities into not just serving one purpose but multiple. Now one may ask, “How does that affect technology?” It is quite simple really, just look at the commercial war going on between Apple and Samsung. Both major companies are looking to show their customers that through their features and their consumer friendly software that they are the better out of the two. All the Apps on both Droid and Apple allow you to do things that were thought unreachable a couple of years ago. It is like the companies wish to comply to every suggestion of an application that is thought of by the consumer. In today’s generation it seems as though it is a mandatory thing to hold the knowledge of current events or sport outcomes at our finger tips.


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