Discussion Question 10

Which of the five types of convergence media do you understand least – and how does it affect you?

By Austin M.

Out of the five types of media convergence I think the user-generated, mobile, social convergence is a convergence media I understand, but least understand in terms of convergence. I see what they are trying to say by how websites are linking together and user content is making up a website, but who is the convergence benefitting. I feel like the owners of the website or the company should benefit but it looks as if the user benefits. This type of convergence is relevant to me because it encompasses the makings of WordPress, Facebook, YouTube, etc. These are all websites that I use. I also share information from one site to Facebook on occasion. I have shared stories from Yahoo or passages from the bible on Facebook, due to the ability to share via a link. The convergence is there, but I guess the benefit to the company is the satisfaction of the customer. If the customer is happy with your service, they will return to you. If you get heavy traffic on your websites, than you can sell advertisements at a higher rate. User-generated, mobile, social convergence was said to transform the web. They say the web has gone from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0. What they are saying is that the web shifted from companies to communities. That is what I found in the book. I never thought of that before. Social media dominates our world today. Social media has brought new relationships, connected old friends, and allowed us to meet new friends and spread ideas, beliefs, and stories across the world at a much faster rate. I guess the reason I picked this media, and I am starting to understand it more now, is that I was confused as to why there was convergence when I did not see the companies benefiting directly. Why go through the extra work? After writing this blog, I start to understand this type of convergence a little more I believe.

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