Concept Week 10

Media literacy from media consumers’ point of view

By Austin Merritt

Media literacy from the consumer’s point of view is almost like media literacy itself, in my eyes. Media literacy form the consumer’s point of view is how well does the consumer utilize different forms of media and how effectively do they utilize the media or medium they are using. For example, if some one is media literate in social media, they might now the ins and outs of Facebook. They may know how to send messages, write on walls, comment, like posts, upload photos, instant message and so forth. Just being able to do all that on Facebook may bring media literacy to social networking sites but how about as a whole? Think about all of the different media out there. If someone is strong in media literacy they may be really smart with technology, books, learning etc. Media literacy has the possibility of encompassing a lot of things. Someone who can encode and decode messages via Internet, paper, phone, radio, etc. may become very media literate. They have the possibility to send messages and receive messages in many different forms and utilize them to their satisfaction or benefit. One way to see how media literate you are, look at the medium that you use and see how efficient you are at encoding and decoding messages. Look to see how efficient you are when it comes to using the media. Anyone can talk over a microphone and be broadcast over the radio, but it takes someone to turn the soundboard on, turn the mikes on and make sure things work properly so you can execute your message. Media literacy from a consumer’s point of view can be described by how well the consumer uses a medium to effectively encode and decode messages. They may be able to utilize a wide rand of media or may be efficient in just one medium.

In my example, found on USA Today, voters used Twitter to take pictures, and tweet about the election. They were using the literacy they knew to post and talk about the election. They said before the election ended that the hash tag #election2012 was used 11 million times. People went with a form of media literacy they were common with to talk about a major event affecting many across the nation. I liked when they talked about what the users did on Twitter. I think that shows us the media literacy of Twitter that some people may have.


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