Which of the five types of convergence media do you understand least – and how does it affect you?

The type of convergance media that confuses me the most is corporate convergance.  I think it confuses me the most because we are seeing a decline in it rather than an incline.  It was started in the 1980 s to created synergy.  Our textbook says, “Companies that were content proviers, such as movie studios and record labels acquired distribution channels such as cable TV.”  This allowed one company to deliver what multiple companies could.   The book however lists only examples of where corporate convergence has failed, stating it is leading more towards divergance.  This is what greatly confuses me, because when saying how does it affect me, I feel like the answer is not very much because the book says that it might not reemerge until most Americans are connected to the internet.  Corporate convergance does remind me of a map I saw on the interent once: http://dailyaxioms.blogspot.com/2012/04/marketing-how-large-conglomerates.html.  This shows that when we are buying a product, it can most likely be traced back to a huge company like Pepsi or Coke.  This shows how controlled the American people are by large cooporations.  We don’t realize that they have converged all the smaller companies into one!

By:Shelby Schroeder


2 thoughts on “Which of the five types of convergence media do you understand least – and how does it affect you?

  1. Dear Shelby, On my list of not understanding convergence media corporate convergence was number two, so I can see where you are coming from when you say you don’t really understand. What I got from the slides was that it is just one company buying up smaller companies. That way that company can become bigger and bigger almost with out bound. That map you had really helps understand the idea behind corporate convergence media. Six very large companies own many small companies. I loved your comment about how America is controlled by the large companies because its true. Our market is dominated by a few large companies and there is not much we can do about it. I really liked your answer to the discussion question. Keep up the good work. From, Marina Eggen

  2. Shelby,
    I definitely agree and share in your confusion. You have a good grip on the definition however when you talked about both the examples in the book. When you tied in the picture of the map to your answer, it became very clear as to what corporate convergence means. Great job!

    -Jimmy Lavorato

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