Concept Week #10

Media literacy from media consumers’ point of view

By: Marina Eggen

From our previous concept definitions media literacy was defined as the capability of being able to understand and utilize different forms of mediated communication.  If we take that definition and put it in the point of view of the consumer, it reads a little differently.  The consumer views media literacy as the more they know about a product, or service having to do with mediated communication the more information they will receive.  If a consumer knows the language and understands the media they will over all have a better experience with that media.

Example: Article from

This article is about consumer’s knowledge of the technology 4G.  This is not exactly the same as mediated communication but it can help you understand how consumers may think.  They want to have 4G desperately but most consumers don’t even know what it is, or what all the features are.  They have just heard it’s a “good feature” for their new smart phone to have.  Now if a consumer knew what this technology was, and what it could all do they could use 4G to its full potential.  This is the same with mediated communication.  If a consumer knows all about the communication and the functions of it they will be able to use that to its full potential.

One thought on “Concept Week #10

  1. Marina,

    I really liked your example! I feel like ours are similar in that we both agree that when you purchase a product it is important to know the language of what they are saying so that you can make a good decision. Your example was perfect! It really makes me question how literate we are as consumers, does anyone really know what 4G means? I certainly don’t. Whenever people talk about phones or ipods, I just figure the higher number of GB or whatever it is, the better! Which probably isn’t a way to go about it!

    Shelby S

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