Discussion Week 9:

Describe an advertisement you have encountered that was personalized to you: What visual or text elements do you recall about the ad, and how did the personalization affect you?

An ad that was “personalized to me”. That is a tough one, for you see all ads are made for everyone. But if I had to choose one it would most likely be the Old Spice commercials. My reasons consist of the fact they are short, get the point across, have a variety of humor, and a bunch of moments where you go “What the #@$&?!”. I will also have to admit that I love to smell good, nobody wants to be around someone that smells of sweaty man stench. I enjoy humor and I enjoy the way that Old Spice has incorporated all the things that I enjoy in life. Plus the way that the Old Spice man holds himself is just something you have to respect. But then again this is just my personal opinion.


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