Concept Week 9

Convergence media technology influences vs. convergence media economic influences.

By Jimmy Lavorato

What’s the best way to get the upper hand when trying to make your business more exciting, popular and useful in the eyes of your customer? Create a new feature for your product that the consumer will find “kills two birds with one stone”. Through convergence media, technologies can be enhanced and more complex by serving multiple purposes. This affects technology a great deal because every phone company is fighting to provide the most features and opportunities to the consumer. You can now see news on your phone, live streaming of natural disasters or of political debates, it seems that a phone can comply with almost any service or request you may have. As the age we live in becomes more and more digital, we find ourselves depending on the internet and having information directly in our hands at all times. In the article below, it is discussed that the convergence of media will be such a “tectonic shift” because “…the country will see products that will reshape news, TV sense, the way of interacting with devices, etc.” This is a good example of how technology and the economy is influenced by the convergence of media.


One thought on “Concept Week 9

  1. Hey-oh Jimmy! I just wanted to say that I enjoyed the words and phrases that you used to show your definition of what Convergence media technology influences vs. convergence media economic influences is in your eyes. How you put the segment about how phones today are used for just about everything makes me laugh a bit because you know how I am. Great job bud!

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