Week 9 Concept

Convergence media technology influences vs. convergence media economic influences

By: Marina Eggen

Convergence media technologies have had a major influence on how we receive our news.  Now news companies are not only making newspapers, but also TV stations, and online news articles.  New technologies, such as the Internet, make news accessible at anytime of the day.  Then with the help of other convergence technologies like the smart phone, you can now access that information anywhere.  These convergence media technologies have influenced how we receive the news.  Convergence media has also had some economic influences in the past years.  Online news is free for us to use whenever and where ever we choose.  This is why many people are leaning towards online news now.  Because there is a large focus on of people on online news advertisers are spending more money to put their ads on these websites.  Now the people are not paying for the news but more the advertising companies.  Convergence media technology influences is what actually influences convergence media economic influences.

Example: http://www.cnn.com/2010/TECH/web/07/15/internet.affects.newspapers/index.html?iref=allsearch

This article is about how the web (online news sites, blogs, Facebook) is not killing newspapers but advertising is.  Advertisers want their ads where the most people will see it.  More and more people are using online news sites to find their news and not newspapers.  Because of this advertisers are taking their ads out of newspapers and putting them online.  This is causing the newspapers to loose a lot of money, but it is further increasing the already flourished online news sites.


2 thoughts on “Week 9 Concept

  1. Marina,

    I like how you introduced the smart phone into your concept. I mostly focused on the internet, I see that we both discussed how it was free to make stuff online, which I believe is the main point for the economic factor. I really liked your example. It really shows how powerful the online community is, and that more people are going online. I didn’t realize that most of our advertising is focused online!

    Great work!

    Shelby S

  2. Marina,
    I like the many examples of the technological influences that you put. I agree on how the internet and smartphone have changed our lives. I also like how you talked heavily on the advertisements and the influence they have had in convergence. I did not think of that as I focused more on the technologies and companies. I thought you did a good job. I like your example that you put down. It mentions the economic influence and I think that is important because for me, I put a technological example down. I thought you did a great job on your post!

    -Austin M.

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