Concept Week 9

Convergence media technology influences vs. convergence media economic influences

By: Shelby Schroeder

Convergence media has changed technology by creating a lot more competition economically.  Originally there were only a handful of ways to access information through newspapers and magazines and television   Recently however, the internet has changed the world of media completely.    Instead of watching TV or reading the newspaper, people simply went online to do both of these things at the same time.  On the internet, you can have access to facebook or netflix or the NY Times in one simple click of a button, you don’t have to transfer between mediums. Economically, the internet is extremely cheaper, anyone can start their own website for almost no money, one person can reach millions theres no need to go through a large company.  Overall, it’s important to keep in mind that economically, it is no longer expensive to enter the rapidly changing world of technology we live in.

Example: Hulu Website NY Times

Example Explained: This article from the New York Times shows that Hulu started as a great program.  People could watch almost any show they wanted for free!  However, the companies that produce these TV shows are now wanting more and more  money from Hulu, and at one point Hulu was up for sale.  To reach the demand of these TV stations, Hulu now has Hulu Plus, which makes its viewers buy a monthly prescription to watch newer shows.  This has helped Hulu stay afloat while satisfying the companies it gets it shows from.  This really shows how “older” media such as television can work with new media such as Hulu to make everyone happy with their economic state all around.


One thought on “Concept Week 9

  1. Shelby, Our definitions of this concept have a few things in common with each other. We both make a point to say that news is starting and be overwhelmingly viewed on online sources. It is altogether easier for most people to have all the news they need all one device, or Internet search. Internet really has changed the world of media as you state in your definition. As far as the economic side of this definition we are both correct but we focus on different aspects. You focus on how cheap starting a web site and just using the Internet in general is. I focus on how advertising agencies now have to adjust their ads from newspapers, and other printed sources to news sources online. I really liked you definition and thought that there were many similarities and differences to our definitions. Marina

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