Discussion Week 9

Describe an advertisement you have encountered that was personalized to you: What visual or text elements do you recall about the ad, and how did the personalization affect you?

By Jimmy Lavorato

Being a music lover, an advertisement that really catches my attention needs music that I enjoy. In a way this can be  famous person testimonial seeing as the musicians are celebrities as well. One commercial that was directed at me-me being the targeting audience- was a NASCAR commercial done in 2006 by the famous band “The Red Hot Chili Peppers”. Being a long time fan of the band, I am instantly drawn in by actual concert performance displayed during the commercial. You can see how the camera will quickly change from the large audience at the concert to the audience at the races as if saying Red Hot Chili Peppers and NASCAR fans go hand in hand. The band members are shown having a great time, dressed up in racing gear, signing guitars and taking pictures. Obviously making money off of this commercial, the band is trying to convince their fans that NASCAR is something they enjoy, so you should enjoy it as well.(Even though i’m not entirely sure they do enjoy NASCAR themselves..) Now i’m not a fan of NASCAR myself, but the fact that the Chili Peppers were on the commercial made me watch the entire thing- which is the ultimate goal of advertisements.


2 thoughts on “Discussion Week 9

  1. Jimmy,

    I thought your comment about not being entirely sure whether they enjoy NASCAR themselves was pretty funny. That’s a really good point though, when you think about the ads celebrities are in I doubt they really ever use the product, it’s all just a money gig. Ads that really make me mad are acne commercials, because the celebrities that are in them have perfect skin, they weren’t having problems with it! But anyways great example!

    Shelby Schroeder

  2. Jimmy!
    I love the witty comment on the whole NASCAR bit! It made me giggle on the inside. I find your reasoning behind the words you hand picked perfect to the peak of what could have been said. People don’t care about what they are endorsing, they only care about the money coming their way. Good job!

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