Discussion Week 8

Based on the concepts from Unit 2 or from the textbook, explain why your most favorite or hated ads had an influence on you. What was it that worked – or didn’t work?

By Jimmy Lavorato

In my opinion, one of the most useful strategies when purchasing ads, is knowing who your audience is. If the right people are targeted then they are most likely to be influenced by the ad which in a sense was created just for them. On the other hand, if the wrong audience is targeted then the ad is usually always a waste. An extremely common strategy that I see all the time is “Irritaiton advertising. Mainly the goal is to be loud and ridiculous so as to stick into a persons head. Even though the way the person is being influenced is in a negative way, the product is still in their head. For me personally I don’t think this approach works. When I see an ad that bothers me like that I immediately remove from brain as something that I would ever be interested in- even if it is the best product for me. One that actually works for me sometimes(rarely) in “Famous Person Testimonial”. This one is where a celebrity can share ideas about a product claiming it is the best even though they may not know much about the product at all. There are some comedians and musicians that I would be influenced by even though I have never met them. I think this is why Famous Person Testimonial is so successful and expensive to buy. Without the face of the celebrity the company has to use a lesser appeal to display their product, usually actors and actresses that perform some sort of “entertaining” skit. The ultimate goal is to impress you and win your attention which most often is not an easy task.


4 thoughts on “Discussion Week 8

  1. Jimmy,
    I like how you talked about how the advertisement needs to be portrayed to the correct audience. That is so true! I also liked how you mentioned irritation advertising. Irritation advertising drives me insane, but the thing I think about it is that it gets us familiar with the name. Whether we choose it or not is up in the air. Kind of like you said, you might be too annoyed to use it! Haha. Good point. It is true about the famous person testimonial that it works, but is expensive. Seeing someone you know advertise a product he/she “supposedly” trusts gains faith from the consumer to the producer. Good Job Jimmy! Well done!!!!!!!!!!!

    – Austin M.

  2. Dear Jimmy,
    I completely agree with you when you say that irritation advertising does not work for you. It doesn’t work for me either. I don’t understand how it could work for anyone. It is just annoying, usually repetitive, and frustrating. I also agree with you about the famous person testimonial. That can sometimes get me paying more attention to the ad just because a famous athlete is telling me to buy it. I’m kind of a sucker when it comes to athletes in ads. Overall I really liked your response to the discussion question. Keep up the good work.
    From, Marina

  3. Jimmy,

    I also agree that irritation advertising in effective. There are countless commercials that are so annoying that when I see the product I’m associated with the terrible advertisement so I make a point to not purchase that product. I also like famous person testimonial. However, I think it really depends on the celebrity who is associated with it. For instance if I saw Justin Bieber supporting a product, I probably wouldn’t buy it because he can be pretty annoying at times!

    Shelby Schroeder

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