Discussion Question #8

Based on the concepts from Unit 2 or from the textbook, explain why your most favorite or hated ads had an influence on you. What was it that worked – or didn’t work?

By: Marina Eggen

My favorite ads are the ones the catch my eye, are funny, interesting, and are relevant to my life.  If the ad catches my eye it can influence me because I’m actually paying attention and watching, looking, or hearing the ad.  If the ad is funny it can make me feel like the advertisers understand my personality and I actually enjoy seeing the ad.  If the ad is interesting I am more compelled to take in what the entire ad has to say.  If the ad is relevant to my life I might even do what the ad tells me because I can use that in my life at the time.  If an ad has all these elements it can easily influence me to buy the product, or service, or whatever the ad is telling me to do.  A very good example of this is the Underarmor commercials.  They are relevant to my life because I’m a runner, they are always interesting to me, and they normally catch my eye right away.  My least favorite ads are the boring, pointless, and not relatable ads.  Especially when an ad is completely irrelevant to my life I pay absolutely no attention to it.  A car advertisement receives zero of my attention because I am not looking for a new car nor do I have the means to buy a new car.  Drug commercials are other ads that I pay no attention to.  They are completely irrelevant to my life and therefore I do not take in any of the information.  Ads that are boring and pointless also turn me away.  In general it’s just hard to pay attention to ads like that. 

One thought on “Discussion Question #8

  1. Marina,
    The way you explained how the ad needs to catch your eye so you watch it, hear it and give it all of your attention was a good example. Also, seeing as you are a runner and the underarmor commercials always apply to your life and are interesting shows how you are part of a targeted audience and a subcategory. Nice job!!

    -Jimmy Lav

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