Discussion Question 8

Based on the concepts from Unit 2 or from the textbook, explain why your most favorite or hated ads had an influence on you. What was it that worked – or didn’t work?

By Austin Merritt

When it comes to commercials, I am not the biggest of fans. Of the commercials I see on television I find that humorous advertisements, such as DIRECTV’s  “Don’t” commercials, leave me with a chuckle. The reason that I enjoy their commercials is because they are so random. Some of the things they think of are not things you would find in any other commercial. These commercials are an example of a one-way communication and a two-way communication system. They may be an example of a one-way communication because the public relations are portraying the company to the audience. It could also be a two-way communication due to the audience’s response to the commercial. Did the sales increase? For me, I did not go out and buy DIRECTTV. The commercial for me was a one-way communication. I loved how it used humor, a storyline and stayed upon a theme. DIRECTV’s commercial worked on me because when it came to writing this blog, I used them as the example. Maybe I won’t buy their product, but by me talking about them and endorsing them, I may be promoting their product to a potential buyer. That is an effective advertisement in my eyes. As I put in my last discussion question, my stepdad works on the radio. He talks about advertising to me occasionally. You want something that will stick in people’s minds. Something they might repeat or sing out of boredom. If the advertisement is stuck in your head, than they won. I remember another commercial that was effective in sticking in my mind. It was for Kia. They had a man dress as Santa and sing, “Santa’s got a brand new ride and it’s nice! And it’s Nice! And he got it for a real low price!” It is an annoying but good commercial. I think it may be a good commercial because it is catchy. I would sing it and my friends would not always be pleased. Advertising for me though is effective if they can stick in your head and you don’t forget them. I dislike repetitive commercials. If I see them over and over, I get turned away. Infomercials are not for me! Humor is the way for me to enjoy an advertisement.

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