Week 7 Discussion Question:

Related to the PR debates: What are pros and cons of advertising? For examples, think about visual communication from an ad you really liked and one ad you really disliked. Explain why you were inspired or repelled by the ads – how much of your feelings were affected by the words, or by the images.

Advertising is around everywhere you look from shirts to shoes and bags to boxers. A prime example of the influence is Tissue, now how many people in their right mind still call it that? If you walk up to a friend and ask them for “Tissue” so that you can blow your nose, what would they respond with? “You mean Kleenex right?” That is just one of the major influences of advertising  You get so used to using a brand or hearing people say it’s name that you use it’s name more then the products name. Now lake everything else out there in the world there are pros and cons to advertising  Some pros might include educating consumers about new products and services that can help them improve their lives. Advertising also helps drop prices of their merchandise id they can get more people to buy is, supply and demand at its finest.  To add to that some experts say that advertising helps the economy and that without the commercials seen on television or heard on the radios, such luxuries would not exist due to lack of money.  The cons seen throughout advertising is that the little companies lose business to the large networks due to the fact that they cannot afford commercials or compete with the offers that big name companies have. Through advertising people buy products that are not needed and in turn lose a chunk of their paycheck and could cause some individuals into debt if they can’t afford  to pay off their credit card bills. A final issue seen throughout the business of advertising is that the group targeted the most by the advertisers around the world are kids and teenagers, it is that group that wants what they see on TV or “needs” to have a new I-phone 5 even though they have the first four versions that have nothing wrong with them. NOW my personal view on advertising is impartial but I will say that with all of the presidential commercials going on, there is nothing more annoying than listening to others bad mouth their rivals. I say stop worrying about what they have done and deal with what you will do to make this country better then it is. It is all just a sick game of money in the end.

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