Discussion Question 7

Related to the PR debates: What are pros and cons of advertising? For examples, think about visual communication from an ad you really liked and one ad you really disliked. Explain why you were inspired or repelled by the ads – how much of your feelings were affected by the words, or by the images

By Austin M.

Advertising is a game of catchy words, songs, or images. The trick to advertising is to have the audience be able to easily remember all or part of your ad. My stepfather works in radio and we had talks about advertising before. He tells me that you want the audience to easily remember your ad. It is all about familiarity. If I start singing a commercial, I then remember where the song came from and who sang it. If that process occurs in my head, than the producer of the ad did there job effectively. The pros to advertising can be found in setting trends in society, increase in business, increase in awareness for a cause or promoting something. When I think of advertising I think mostly of businesses trying to sell their good or service but it can be so much more. Though advertising can be beneficial to a society or business, it may also be irritating. Irritation can be a con among advertising. If people see your advertisement repetitively, they could feel a sense of repulse against it. People might get a bad taste for your good or service. Advertising can be a con for businesses in the effect that it costs money and may damage your image. If you have a “questionable” advertisement and you advertise it to a conservative group, you may have negative responses. For example, when SportsCenter talks or promotes an athlete constantly, people may find an inclination to not like the athlete. I also remember watching a movie in where a guy interviewed multiple children with pictures. The interviewer would hold up pictures of various people or things and have the kids tell him what they were of. One of the pictures that kids knew a lot was the company, McDonalds. McDonalds sure knows how to advertise well! Some advertisements that bother me are ones that are played consistently. I become bored with them and they just become annoying to me. I guess an example could be political ads but that does not bother me as much. I cannot recall a certain advertisement that bothers me but I guess repetition can start to bother me after I already understand the message. Even though it bothers me, it can still be a pro and a con for the advertisers. It may bother me, but they know I will remember their message and they will gain name recognition with me. One visual advertisement that is hard to watch is the ASPCA commercial with animals that have been mistreated. It is a sad commercial! I don’t like seeing harmless animals being mistreated.  I do enjoy the commercials that SportsCenter puts out. They use various athletes to make funny commercials to get the audience to laugh and become familiar with their television station. It is a comedic relief sometimes. Advertising can be good and bad. As long as the advertiser can actively portray their message to their audience and gain positive feedback, success has been obtained, in my eyes.


3 thoughts on “Discussion Question 7

  1. Austin,

    I really like the insight you had from your stepfather. It’s cool to get a person’s perspective that actually deals with advertising day in and day out! I like how you said that the more an advertisement gets played, the more annoying it can be to the consumer. However you are also correct in the fact that even if you are annoyed by the advertisement, you at least remember what the product is!

    Shelby Schroeder

  2. Dear Austin,
    I really agree with you when you said that the ads that annoy you are the ones that repeat over and over again. I hate seeing the same ad one hundred times, but I do remember it because I’ve seen it so much. I also liked your pros and cons of advertising. Good Job.
    Marina Eggen

  3. Austin,
    It was cool getting the perspective of your stepfather who is knowledgeable in the field of advertising. Time after time again I have found myself humming or whistling the tune of some advertisement. It can be quite a successful way to get a message across. Great answer bud!!!

    -Jimmy Lav

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