Discussion Question Week 7

By: Shelby Schroeder

Pros:  Advertising has many pros for the consumer.  Think about it, without advertising you would have no idea what products are out there to buy.  Competition between products helps ensure that companies will try their hardest to make their product the best.   Advertising is actually paid for by the consumer.  By encouraging competition, advertising has the effect of keep prices down, the more products you buy, the cheaper that product can become.  When there are many products to choose from, and people are educated about the alternatives, it allows for consumers to make good decisions. It creates a healthy economy and helps create financially healthy consumers that are more informed, better educated, and more demanding. Advertising also helps create jobs for people, which is always a plus in today’s economy.

Cons:  Advertising can be very deceptive and manipulative.  Advertising can lead to materialistic tendencies that shape our culture.  It can make it seem that if you do not have the newest or coolest product, then you don’t fit into today’s culture.  Some advertisements are extremely deceptive or false.  A term I learned in my advertising class that I really liked was Puffery. Puffery is an exaggerated subjective claim that can’t be proven true or false.  For example they say its the ” best” product.  Which is extremely deceptive. Advertising is also targeted at children a lot which to me represents bad ethics.  Advertising can also be annoying, there’s too much of the same advertisements   The worst thing in my mind however, is the use of stereotypes in advertising, when it creates ideas of what the perfect man or women should look like, or uses things like Asians are stereotypical nerds so they should be in a computer commercial.

Examples: Pro: http://theinspirationroom.com/daily/print/2007/3/australia_post_hug.jpg I really like this advertising because it is displaying a positive message.  I think people should always try to send letter to people, it’s really showing a nice thing that we should do for people.

Con: http://jour20313.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/wrinkles46261311.jpg This kind of advertising upsets me because its not real.  No ones face is EVER that wrinkled and no product could be that good, I don’t like ads that over exaggerate ideas.  In a way they’re trying to trick the consumer.  Which just isn’t very nice of them!


3 thoughts on “Discussion Question Week 7

  1. Dear Shelby, You’re two examples were so wonderful. They literally filled me with joy when I saw how good they were. I also enjoyed the cons you had for advertising. This idea of “puffery” is very relevant to todays ads and also everywhere. I have now noticed that many companies use this “puffery” in their ads to try and make them sound better or more important. Great job once again! Sincerely, Marina Eggen

  2. Shelby,
    I like the pros that you have posted. I never thought of consumers controlling advertising and the resulting effect it has upon the economy. You gave some great insight. I also like how you mentioned that advertising can be deceptive. That is so true. Kind of like political advertisements. Sometimes they may take the truth and stretch it. Good job!

    -Austin M.

  3. Shelby,
    I thought it was a good idea that you separated the pros and cons into two separate paragraphs, because it makes it easier to follow. The two different sides to advertising were very clear and you had solid examples.

    -Jimmy Lav

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