Discussion Question #7

What are pros and cons of advertising? For examples, think about visual communication from an ad you really liked and one ad you really disliked.Explain why you were inspired or repelled by the ads – how much of your feelings were affected by the words, or by the images.

Some pros or positives of advertising is it can educate consumers about new products and services that can help them improve their lives, it can increase sales so that companies can produce products at lower costs, it can help the economy and give people jobs. There are also cons or negatives or advertising.  It could cause consumers to pay for the ads through higher prices, advertising may cause people to buy products they can’t afford and go into personal debt, and sometimes ads target children.  This is a negative because they don’t know what is good for them or bad (example fast food ads could lead to obesity).  I am inspired or repelled by ads due to my personal likes and dislikes.  Personally if the ad is interesting, short and to the point, has a good message, or is a product I would actually use I am inspired by it.  If the ad is out of my lifestyle, price range, boring, or it is unrealistic I am repelled by it.  I truly believe that the amount of your feelings that are affected by the words and images of advertising is however much you let yourself be affected.  If you can make your own decisions and know what is good for you, very little will be affected by ads.  However if you are easily persuaded by people and have a hard time forming your own decisions, ads will affect much of your feelings and lifestyle.

Example of an ad I liked is the new Starbucks ad that says instead of referring to you as your drink name they are going to refer to you as your name.  I like this ad because it is personal to me, I buy drinks at Starbucks and the ad is very interesting.

Examples of ads I didn’t like are almost all car commercials.  Usually they are very uninteresting, they are not applicable to me life and completely out of my price range. I cannot relate to the ads at all.


4 thoughts on “Discussion Question #7

  1. Marina,

    I really loved your post this week! I like how you said that basically in the end, how much you let advertisements affect you are up to you. We don’t need to buy a lot of the stuff we do. We can’t really blame advertising for our problems. They simply present us with the information and its up to us as consumers to decide whether or not we’re are going to make a purchase. I also am extremely uninterested in car commercials. I can’t buy a car, and they all just seem similar and boring. Perhaps the guys will disagree though haha! Nice work! If you wanna check out a great discussion from another team this one’s pretty good http://thefallowers.wordpress.com/2012/10/17/week-7-discussion/
    Shelby Schroeder

  2. Marina,
    I thought you had a good posting. I like how you and Shelby talked about how advertising targets children because they aren’t as conscious about their decisions as an adult may be. It is funny how they may target more vulnerable audiences but then it also makes sense. I like how you said an advertisement may not affect you if you do not allow it to. Kind of not allowing the advertisement control your emotions but your knowledge surpasses it, if we are on the same page? I thought that was a solid point. Good Job!

    -Austin M.

  3. Marina,
    I really liked how you discussed children being affected by advertising more often because its very true that they can be more susceptible to influence. I definitely agree with what you said about car commercials, because most of the time they are showing these flashy beautiful vehicles and being a college student I get slightly depressed (I drive a rusty, blue van you see). Great examples and post.

    -Jimmy Lav

  4. Marina,
    I totally agree with your views on the fact that children are more likely to be affected by advertising. The part on how the car commercials are rather leaving you not amused because of the fact that they are boring as well as out of a broke college students price range much like ourselves (or at least myself). Great job!!!

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