Discussion Week 7

What are pros and cons of advertising? For examples, think about visual communication from an ad you really liked and one ad you really disliked. Explain why you were inspired or repelled by the ads – how much of your feelings were affected by the words, or by the images.

By Jimmy Lav

To me the ultimate goal of advertising is to influence or sway the opinions of someone. There are many different tactics related to this such as targeting emotions, using the influence of famous people, using facts and statistics and many more. All of these can be used in negative or positive ways. For example, let’s say there’s a celebrity that you admire and he/she is on an advertisement claiming that a product is the best out there. Do you trust the celebrity and buy the product even though they may not have any expertise on it? The fact is, they are getting paid to say those things and in most cases can not be trusted. This is an example of negative or untruthful advertising. Another thing to keep in mind is that everything on that television ad is set up to influence you, that means the outfits, the people, and even the music are used to make you like the product. I currently do not have television but there was an ad a while ago that I remember. It was a Direct Tv commercial and it displayed a very wealthy Russian man surrounded by gold, beautiful women and everything that says luxury. He claims that he gets the best of everything and that he chose Direct Tv for that reason. He finishes the commercial by kissing his pet baby giraffe and giggles like a five year old. Ridiculous. The visuals being communicated are much too silly to be taken serious. Another type of ad that can have different effects are the ones on facebook. They actually trace your visited websites and cater to your interests. This is a genius idea from facebook that helps to accurately find ones psychographic.


3 thoughts on “Discussion Week 7

  1. By Shelby Schroeder


    I really liked how you used the example of celebrity advertising. Do celebrities really use those products? No. It’s not like they’re going to companies and saying, I really love using your product, could I please advertise it. I think it does work though. Subconsciously, if a celebrity we like is using a product I think we’re more likely to choose that product just based on the fact that we recognize it better!

  2. Dear Jimmy, I liked your statement that said something like “everything in whole commercial is placed there to influence you”. The music example is what caught my attention the most. Sometimes in commercials you don’t even notice the music in the background, and in others thats the only noise. All of that is a plot by the advertisers to try and get you to buy their products. Amazing. Also the Direct TV example was funny! Good job From, Marina

  3. Jimmy,
    You had a good post. I like how you talked about the different tactics that advertisers use to gain a person’s emotions and attention. I like how you said that those tactics may of a positive or a negative influence. I think I remember the commercial you are talking about at the end of your posting. I think I barely recall it, but it is a good point you made. That is ridiculous because it is nowhere near the truth. Good Job!

    -Austin M.

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