Discussion Question Week 6

How would you explain to your parents what public relations is?  Provide an example to help them understand.

By Austin Merritt

Public relations is an organization or a person that relates the information to the public in order to influence them in ideas, about products, causes or political reasons. They may also dismiss rumors and negative ideas about the company. I found out that public relations may involve you speaking at conferences or to a large mass. If you were part of the public relations of a company, you are their spokesman. You are the person they see on the news, the person that represents the company. Your voice represents the company’s voice. I had to do a little research about public relations and their importance to complete this blog but I found out public relations mend or build the relationship between companies and the public. As the public contacts a company or business, they contact the public relations who then relays the information to the company. It is like they are a messenger, or an in-between man. An example of public relations could be found in the General Mills Company. Recently, General Mills said they were against a gay marriage ban. I found an article on it posted here. I use this example to show us how public relations may be seen in action. General Mills was demonstrating their views and showing support for their cause to the public through the public relations. Another great example could be Chick-fil-a. In this case the founder spoke out about his views on same-sex marriage, but I am sure the public relations for the company had a lot on their desks afterwards. Often public relations may represent or display a view or idea they promote and try to get the public to support it. Name recognition is huge! If I respect a company and see that they believe or support a cause, I may be influenced. Public relations just relays information as a spokesman for a company.

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