Concept Week 6: Identifying, analyzing and targeting publics/ stakeholders

By Austin Merritt

Public relations have a big influence in news stories all around us. They are in the media all the time, whether we know it or not. Since they have a big influence in the media, they try to capitalize upon that. In doing so they need to identify, analyze and target their audience. These are very important steps to successful results. Public relations has to be a voice to many different publics. You don’t want to advertise beauty supplies to a strong male audience. The reception will probably not be too grand. When public relations target audiences they have to consider what is the dynamics of their target audience. The audience could be employees, stockholders, communities, media, government, an investment community, or customers. Each group has a certain importance to the public relations. For example, the public relations need to maintain a strong, healthy relationship with their employees, stockholders, and investment community. These are the audiences that keep the company functioning and supported. Public relations also want to get on the good side of government. To do so public relations will conduct meetings and send reports to the government to gain their trust in the company. For customers, public relations will cater to their interests because the customers are the oil that keeps the company moving. As the book says, “Consumers pay the bills for companies through their purchase of products or services.” When targeting the right audience, public relations have to identify the audience and analyze their message. They have to make sure their message will fit the audience to portray their message at full efficiency. It does not benefit the company to have poor public relations. In order to be an adaptable public relations, you must identify your audience, analyze your message and target the public/stockholders through the best medium that you can.

My article, here, talks about how Chick-fil-a discusses their charity giving. An official speaks out about to whom they give their donations. They set out to discuss and settle any rumors or misconceptions about donations. He discusses what went on inside the company and the route that they are on. I think this is a good example of public relations because they are targeting the masses on a subject of same-sex and the donations that they make. It shows us how an official may speak for a company and be the voice of the company. He is targeting the masses and analyzing his message by dissecting it.

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