Discussion Question #6

How would you explain to your parents what public relations is?  Provide an example to help them understand.

By: Marina

Public relations is the organization that helps to further our mutual understanding of groups and institutions.   It helps different organizations develop effective relationships with employees, customers, communities, shareholders, other organizations, society and other various audiences.   Public relations acts as a counselor to the private organization’s policies and public’s idea.  One example of this is in 2010 when Toyota was having a series of recalls due to several of its models having sudden and involuntary acceleration.  When this problem happened public relations came in to help emphasis the aggressive and persistent campaign to identify and eliminate the problem.  With public relations help, Toyota was able to save the brand and thousands of jobs.


4 thoughts on “Discussion Question #6

  1. Marina,

    I really liked how your post stated that it was a RELATIONSHIP between the companies and people, it really makes public relations look like more than just a two way street. I also like how you said it acted like a counselor. Your example was great it really showed how public relations can be key in how a company operates, without public relations, Toyota might not exist.

    Shelby Schroeder

  2. Marina,

    I agree with Shelby on how I like when you said “Public relations acts as a counselor to the private organization’s policies and public’s idea.” It’s a great way to better understand that relationship and how important it is. Good job!


  3. Marina,

    I thought you had a great example to go along with your definition. I liked how you explained public relations as a counselor. It is true because they orchestrate the discussions between the companies and the public. You did a great job defining their role. Good job!

    Austin M.

  4. I will third what Jimmy and Shelby said when you posted “Public relations acts as a counselor to the private organization’s policies idea.” Such an explanation has helped this young chap how important that relationship between the two are. Great Job!

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