Discussion Question Week 6

How would you explain to your parents what public relations is? Provide an example to help them understand.

By Jimmy Lavorato

Explaining anything to my parents is a task that one should not take lightly. It requires thorough explanation and plenty of real world examples. So in starting my journey of enlightening my folks, i’ll begin with what I think public relations is all about. Public relations to me is the efforts of an individual or a group to raise awareness or to persuade the public into thinking about certain ideas or beliefs about a company. There are many different strategies to be used especially involving the media, such as press releases and social networking. The goal is to get the public involved and interested in your product or business. Now that information can be spread so rapidly, the internet becomes key in spreading information to millions of people. Hosting online campaigns is widely used including the use of keywords that relate to the company. If someone is interested in the topic of the company, they can search google and up will pop the information of the company. This helps the company get publicity and find the supporters they want and need. The relationship between the public and an organization is connected by public relations. So imagine that public relations is the friend that sets you up with a date, and no you don’t have to get married, but at least you met.

4 thoughts on “Discussion Question Week 6

  1. Jimmy, I really liked your answer to the discussion question this week. It was funny how you started out talking about your parents. Then I liked how you went on to give a great definition of public relations. I further understand the topic due to your answer, so thank you very much. Marina

  2. Jimmy,

    I liked how you stated that this was a journey to help your parents find enlightenment! I thought it was quite funny. I really like that you talked about how the internet has become an important tool in public relations. This classmate also talked about campaigns in her example: http://sexysix6.wordpress.com/2012/10/12/week-6-discussion-question-sara-b/ Lastly, your real world example of it being like a date made it really click for me! Nice Job Jimmy!

    Shelby Schroeder

  3. Jimmy,

    I loved you ending about the blind date. Too funny. I thought you did a great job explaining how public relations promotes ideas or interests about the company to the public and getting them involved. I thought you did a fine job. Again, I loved the ending!

    Austin M.

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