Concepts Week 6 Band Wagon Effect

By: Jimmy Lav

Most people are guilty of this temptation. I myself have found that because of a common belief shared by many peers has the power to influence the decision of others. The famous “Hop on the Bandwagon” expression I assume is known by all, the thought process is sometimes “If all of them are doing it, maybe I should too”. This kind of thinking can lead to both positive and negative outcomes. There’s that “don’t do drugs just because everyone else is doing them” teaching that has been drilled into our minds ever since grade school. On a positive side, maybe a group of people can influence you to watch a really good television show or to join a club that you end up loving. A great example I thought of involves the famous band “The Grateful Dead.” For those of you who do not have any knowledge of this band, they basically fueled drug sales in the late 60’s and early 70’s. A band involved in fusion and psychedelia , they soon had a “cult” following: Deadheads. They would follow the band across the country with undying commitment to their music. During that time, it was not uncommon for a rebellious teenager to become disconnected with their academic life filled rules and limitations. So traveling the country with friends and fellow music lovers seemed like a much better quality of life. This example I think is directly linked to the “Bandwagon Theory”.

For more information on Deadheads:


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