Concept Review 3

Here are the concepts be have to read about from the same 4 blogs as always.  Please have this done before Monday night so I send the concepts we agree upon to the professor.  Thank you!

1. Why news on the Vietnam War was a milestone in journalism history?

2. How CNN, Fox News and USA Today set new norms for news reporting?

3. News aggregators

4. Pseudo Events

5. Bias in news: liberal, conservative, centrist, creeping, news as entertainment

6. How online news is changing journalism, such as the role of bloggers


6 thoughts on “Concept Review 3

  1. My (Marina’s) favorites are:
    1. Vietnam War- Elijahf94 (Team Bulldog) Great explanation with an amazing detail
    2. CNN, fox news, and USA today- Sara B. (sexy 6) Goes into the best detail on why
    3. News Aggregators- Leslie T. (Panda Blog) I actually understood what the topic was after I read this concept
    4. Pseudo Events- Taylor B. (Sexy 6) This was the only one in my opinion that honestly had sense with a Pseudo event
    5. Bias in news- Maggieh22 (Team Bulldog) Explained enough but not too wordy
    6. Online News- Bettye Nelson (Team Fall) I liked it most 🙂

  2. By: Shelby Schroeder

    1. Vietnam War- Elijahf94 (Team Bulldog) He went into a lot of detail, I liked how he talked about different ways it affected the war instead of just focusing on one.

    2.CNN, fox news, and USA today- I would say either Gretchen B from the Fallowers or Sara B from the sexy six. They both touched on all 3 news stations well

    3. News Aggregators- I also think Leslie T. (Panda Blog) had a really good explanation, I finally realized a news aggregator was mostly just a search engine.

    4. Pseudo Events- I also agree that Taylor B. (Sexy 6) Had the best explanation. It was neither too long or short, and I had instant understanding of the subject.

    5. Bias in news- I also like Maggieh 22 (Team Bulldog’s) simple yet informative definition. I liked that I could understand it instantly.

    6. Online News changed journalism- I liked Taylor Ellington’s (Team Bulldog) explanation the best. I liked how she talked about a lot of relevant sources that we all use today.

  3. 1. Vietnam War: Elijahf94 (Team Bulldog) had great detail and the best explanation hands down.
    2. CNN, fox news, and USA today: Sara B. (sexy 6) had all three news stations down to a point.
    3. News Aggregators: Leslie T. (Panda Blog) made me see that a news agitator was just like a search engine (kinda like what Shelby added).
    4. Pseudo Events: Taylor B. (Sexy 6) Hands down the best and brightest.
    5. Bias in news: Maggieh22 (Team Bulldog) Simple. Just how I like it.
    6. Online News: Taylor Ellington’s (Team Bulldog) had great usage of the sources that she used.

  4. Vietnam War- Elijah94 (Team Bulldog) won my vote. I thought it was good how he mentioned more than just one thing that was affected.

    CNN, Fox news and USA today: Gretchen B. (Team Fallowers) Descriptive of each news agency. I thought it was good.

    New Aggregators: Leslie T. (The Pandas) I thought her description was very beneficial to my understanding of an aggregator.

    Pseudo Events: MickelsonR5 (Team Bulldog). I thought they went into a lot of work to show that many examples and break it all down.

    Bias In news: MaggieH22 (Team Bulldog) Explained the definition without an example than gave us a separate example. I liked it.

    Online News: Bettye Nelson (The Fallowers) She was well detailed and made good points. Adds some history into it too.

    Austin M.

  5. Vietnam war-Elijah94 from team bulldog had the best description because he was very thorough and had easy to follow explanations.

    CNN FOX News and USA Today- I thought Sarah B from the sexy6 did a good job covering the three stations.

    New Aggregators- I think we all agree that Leslie T. from the pandas had the best description.

    Pseudo Events- I gotta give this one to Taylor B from sexy6, it made the most sense to me.

    Bias in news- I liked MaggieH22’s description from team bulldog because I think it would be obvious or not if it was or was not the answer in a multiple choice question.

    Online news- Taylor Ellington from team bulldog did well with her sources and had a good understanding of her topic.

    Jimmy Lav.

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