Discussion Question Week 5

What is news, how does it affect you, and would you pay any attention to this news if you were not enrolled in CJ105 right now? Be specific in providing a recent example in the news in the past month.

By Austin Merritt

News is any story of nonfiction portrayed to the masses. Often the news we see is relevant to our lives, our lifestyle, interests, or politics. News has the possibility of affecting me or just entertaining me. I read news on sports teams and players all the time. I see this kind of news as mere entertainment and not of significance to me. That is not to say it is not significant to others. Some people have their personal economy enveloped within the sports realm. Just because news may not be important to me, it could mean the world to someone else. I often look at Yahoo News to look for interesting stories. I love to read about the presidential election this fall. This news is very important or relevant to my life because it has the possibility to sway how I vote. Though I haven’t been swayed, the possibility remains. The possibility remains in the information. News can be very informational! For example, with the unrest in the Middle East and the revolts at the U.S. embassies, America was warned that we have a pending issue knocking at our door. Some soldiers could possibly be watching the news to see where they might be deployed next. I would say that for me I have not really changed how I retain the news since beginning our CJ105 class. I have been interested in the news and just reading news often. I do not read newspapers, or watch the news on television but I do read stories on the Internet. Granted the news may not always be relevant but I do it out of mere entertainment, information or curiosity. I believe the news can be very beneficial to an individual. It helps an individual stay informed and current with things in society. I find it funny when I come back from a trip, where I am not by a news source, and find out what happened since I left. It is like a game of catch up. It is kind of fun to me.

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