Discussion Question Week 5

Question: What is news, how does it affect you, and would you pay any attention to this news if you were not enrolled in CJ105 right now?

Answer in Jack (John) Junker’s mind: Well according to dictionary. com news is newly received or noteworthy information, esp. about recent or important. No I myself think that is a pretty snazzy definition but I am going to dumb it down for my own knowledge. You see the way I see news is that anything that seems to spark an interest and is worth sharing can be considered news. Now the message within a a news report can come in many different areas. Prime example could be information on the debate between Romney and Obama. Also if I was not in CJ105 right now would I pay any attention to this thing called “news”? Of course I would! It is abruptly impossible to overlook  issues within the world that involves one person such as my self and my fellow class mates. News is everywhere it is just a matter of reading and looking for something that sparks ones interest.

3 thoughts on “Discussion Question Week 5

  1. Dear Jack, I really liked how you put the actual definition and your very own definition in this discussion question. I also liked your answer to the question “would you still listen to news if you weren’t in CJ 105 right now.” OF COURSE. Anyway great job. From, Marina

  2. By: Shelby Schroeder


    I thought your post was particularly funny and entertaining. I really like that you think that anything that sparks interest and is worth sharing could be considered news! I’m sure that there is something everyone enjoys and to them would be considered worthy to pay attention to! Whether it’s the Obama Romney Debate or whoever won the Packer game today! In which case they lost, which made me sad! Keep up the good work!

  3. Jack,
    I like how you talk about how news can be anything that sparks interest in someone. I like how you left it at the broad definition because that is exactly what it is! Good job! I agree about what you would be like reading the news without the class. I would be the same.

    -Austin M.

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