Unit 2 Concept 1

By: Marina Eggen

Why the Hindenburg news story in 1937 was a milestone in journalism history?

This story was such a milestone in journalism because it was the very first time a catastrophic news event was caught on film at the time it was happening.  An eyewitness news account of an event this big reaching a mass audience as it was going on had never happened before.  This newscast could honestly show the full emotion of the situation.  There was no planning for the reporter, he just had to report what he saw as he was seeing it. (Critical Thinking in Communication 199).

Example: http://thelede.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/07/19/syrian-rebels-seize-border-posts/

This article is about how the Syrian rebels have gained control over all four border checkpoints between Iraq and Syria.  A reporter was not there filming the action but he did get news as it was happening and then sent that to America.  When the news reporters in America received the message, they put it into a story and published it.  This is not exactly the same as the Hindenburg but in our current society this is basically the live news coverage we get for the war.  With the time zones the news stories come out very soon after they actually happen.  Live news has evolved greatly since 1937, and we can get live news more frequently now.

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