DQ #5

By: Marina Eggen

What is news, how does it affect you, and would you pay any attention to this news if you were not enrolled in CJ105 right now? Be specific in providing a recent example in the news in the past month.

Personally I think news is newly received, noteworthy information.  It doesn’t have to be new or important to someone else, it’s your own personal preference.  News affects me by trying to generate emotions form me.  News about a car crash is sad; news about tuition rising is frustrating; news about an adoption is happy.  All these news stories try to make me feel.  My mood could be affected and most of the time is affected by the news I hear.  News is all around us in everything we do.  If I was not in CJ 105 right now I would still be surrounded by news beckoning me to listen to it, and I would listen to what is important to me.  CJ 105 just helps me have a better understanding of the news I am hearing and the purpose of it.  A specific example of news I heard in the last week was that my good friend was homecoming king back at my high school.  This news was newly received and it was very noteworthy for me (probably not to anyone else here except me).  It affected my emotions and made the rest of my day happy and exciting.  News has the power to do that.


3 thoughts on “DQ #5

  1. By: Shelby Schroeder

    Marina, I really liked how you said that news brings out emotions in people. Especially that a local news event, like your friend winning homecoming king back at home shows that not all news is negative! I think a lot of time people think “No news it good news.” But you have an example where that is not the case! Great work!

    Also, this person mentioned in their discussion question about someone being crowned as a king as well!


  2. Marina,

    I love how you talked about how news goes for capturing your emotions. I think it is neat because I did not really have that in mind when I first thought of the question. I like how you also mentioned that news for me may not be news for someone else. Good Job!

    -Austin M.

  3. I will agree with you about the news bring out emotion of people, mainly to the fact that it is almost like that is what majority of news casters try to accomplish. I also enjoyed the part of the crowning of the king! Keep up the wonderful work!

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