Concept Week 5: How broadcast news changed journalism

Definition: Broadcast news greatly impacted how stories were reported.  At first, news was reported mostly in newspapers.  Broadcast radio was the first advancement made for broadcast journalism.  It allowed people to not only discuss news freely, but at a much quicker pace.  Newspapers had to be printed, radio reports could be done live as soon as something occurred. Our textbook actually mentioned a case where a newspaper printed the wrong winner of an election.  Radio did not have to face this problem as they did not have to print a newspaper, they could report on the radio as soon as the winner was chosen.  Broadcast Television also changed journalism greatly.  People now could have visuals of an event, and journalists could report on scene as live events were happening.  Overall it is important to realize that radio and television broadcasts allowed for everyone to receive news fast, and with actual visuals.


Example Explanation: My example take from an article published on WITN news on May 24th, 2012 shows that a New Orleans newspaper will only print 3 times a week.  This really shows that newspapers are becoming less and less common.  Radio and television broadcasts are seemingly more popular.  This shows that news and journalism is continually advancing as now more and more information is available on the internet.


One thought on “Concept Week 5: How broadcast news changed journalism

  1. Shelby,
    I think you did a good job with your blog. I like how you talk about how news can be spread at a faster rate and also mentioned how newspaper rates declined. Good Job and it looks as if your example is a good fit. (Based off of your description for it.)

    -Austin M.

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